NEW Oxford CE AAA Jeans now in stock!

POSTED: 14/07/2021


What if regular high street jeans offered the same protection as heavy duty riding pants?
We’d be able to ride to work without the need to get changed.
We’d be comfortable and look good, without compromising on safety.
We’d be wearing Oxford’s new single layer Original Approved denim.
The jeans you want to wear, just got safe.

Most of our design team ride to work and all struggle to find a trouser which delivers safety whilst riding matched with the comfort and style of a regular jean.
They went out and spent time in motorcycle shops, began asking around, researched what other riders were wearing to work. They listened, learned and realised they weren’t alone.
After months of thoughtful design and material innovation, we have addressed the need to make motorcycle denim better. With the introduction of Oxford’s single layer denim.