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Interphone Bluetooth Headset Avant Single Intercom

Brand: Interphone
Interphone Bluetooth Headset Avant Single Intercom

Interphone Avant is unique: communication with 8 riders, 20-hour battery, range up to 1.7 km, music, radio, GPS and connection with the Android or iOS app. The performance of this intercom for motorcycles is stunning: with the Audio Multi Mix function you can listen to music or GPS without interruption, communicate in intercom mode and, at the same time, listen to another source in the background! In addition, it has voice commands, TTS to read the name of the incoming call, automatic volume adjustment and adapts to all helmets. What is still missing? The destination of your next trip with your adventure companions!


  • ANYCOM: lets you communicate with intercom devices
  • AUDIO: NDVC - automatic volume adjustment, dual volume adjustment mode for open-face and modular helmets or for full-face helmets, windproof directional microphone
  • BUILT-IN FM RADIO: automatically saves the first 8 stations with the most powerful signal
  • GPS: compatible with the main Bluetooth sat-navs for motorbikes, GPS voice directions
  • MOBILE PHONE: speed dial - lets you save a phone number to call quickly with a control from the intercom, voice dialling, last number redial, sharing of the phone conversation with the passenger
  • MP3/MUSIC: wireless MP3 playback from smartphones and MP3 players, song sharing (between the driver and passenger)
  • MULTI-MIX AUDIO: listen to music or the GPS without interruption – you can communicate in intercom mode and listen to another source in the background at the same time
  • SMARTPHONE APP: compatible with iOS and Android. Lets you set and control the intercom directly from your smartphone
  • TTS: speech synthesis to read out the incoming call name
  • Voice controls: control the main functions of the intercom with simple voice controls
  • Package Single
  • Use Up to 8
  • Battery duration more 15
  • Weight 55 g
  • Distance Over 1km
  • Type of kit Universal
  • Compatible with Bluetooth® Yes