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Interphone Bluetooth Headset Tour Single Pack Intercom

Brand: Interphone
Interphone Bluetooth Headset Tour Single Pack Intercom

With Interphone Tour you can leave for long group trips with friends and talk to them without time limits, thanks to a super battery! Interphone Tour, in fact, connects up to 4 motorcyclists within a maximum distance of 1.5 km. Not only: it is compatible with all smartphones equipped with Bluetooth® technology and with all types of helmet. The battery has a record duration of 20 hours: this allows you to make calls, listen to music and follow the instructions of the navigator without having to worry about recharging.

With a very functional design, Interphone Tour is technology, fun and practicality all in one!


  • ANYCOM: lets you communicate with intercom devices
  • AUDIO: NDVC - automatic volume adjustment, dual volume adjustment mode for open-face and modular helmets or for full-face helmets, windproof directional microphone
  • BUILT-IN FM RADIO: automatically saves the first 8 stations with the most powerful signal
  • GPS: compatible with the main Bluetooth sat-navs for motorbikes, GPS voice directions
  • MOBILE PHONE: speed dial - lets you save a phone number to call quickly with a control from the intercom, voice dialling, last number redial, sharing of the phone conversation with the passenger
  • MP3/MUSIC: music playback from smartphones or other Bluetooth devices, song sharing (between the driver and passenger)
  • SMARTPHONE APP: compatible with iOS and Android. Lets you set and control the intercom directly from your smartphone
  • STANDBY: 1000 hours


  • Package: Single
  • Use: up to 4
  • Battery duration: more 15
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Distance: Over 1km
  • Type: Universal