Oxford Boss Disc Lock 16mm Shackle

Part No: OF46
Brand: Oxford
Oxford Boss Disc Lock 16mm Shackle

The Boss is a super strong disc lock with a 16mm shackle. 
The Boss (16mm shackle) disc lock has been Independently approved and awarded Sold Secure Gold, SBSC Intygad Produkt, ART 4075 and Classe SRA.

Key Features

  • Universal disc lock
  • lock mechanism with hardened steel
  • Armour casing
  • Unique double locking system with hardened steel shackle

Secured by Design

  • This product has met the high demands of the Police Preferred Specification and has been accredited Secured by Design (SBD)
  • SBD is a police initiative which seeks to achieve sustainable reductions in property theft.
  • By encouraging good design and practice, SBD aims to reduce the demand on police forces and help us all live in a safer society.