Oxford Helmet Care Kit

Part No: OX634
Brand: Oxford
Oxford Helmet Care Kit

The essential universal Helmet Care Kit, containing Mint cleaning and anti-fog treatments which are easy to use and result in a high quality finish.

Key Features

  • Clean and remove odour and bacteria from the lining of your helmet
  • Reduce fogging on inside of visor with Anti Fog Spray
  • Remove road dirt, insects and grease from your helmet & visor
  • Soft micro-fibre cloth to apply products
  • All packed in a convenient black EVA carry case

What's included

  • Helmet Sanitiser 100ml (OC305)
  • Anti Fog Spray 50ml (OC304)
  • Helmet & Visor Cleaner 50ml (OC306)
  • Micro-Fibre Cloth (OF608C)
  • Carry Case (OF608EC)
  • Items above available individually.