POSTED: 24/11/2021

Dear Customer,

We have been informed that the independent body responsible for testing and certifying our CE motorcycle apparel has made an error in the certification of Oxford Original Approved AAA jeans (all product codes beginning DM209). The products are perfectly safe to use and are fully certified to the EN17092 standard. However, the products actually comply to AA rather than AAA for abrasion resistance.

This is primarily a labelling issue, rather than a safety issue; the products remain fundamentally ‘safe’ and ‘fit for purpose’ as is, but will need to be re-labelled AA.

At the same time, they will be renamed ‘AA Dynamic’ to reflect the extra features they boast over and above the regular AA product; namely CE Level 2 Dynamic armour, Armourlite dynamic stretch materials and extra layer of protective material in the knees and hips. The ‘AA Dynamic’ product will have a new RRP of £129.99.

We initially took the following actions:

All affected products were taken off sale; all warehouse stock was quarantined for re-labelling to AA.
A full risk assessment was commenced.
The product in question was re-certified to AA and development of a replacement AAA product was started.

Having completed a full risk assessment (in consultation with Trading Standards), we are now taking the following steps:

Retailers have been asked to:
- quarantine all affected stock in-store, ready for return to Oxford.
- contact affected customers where possible to inform them of the situation and offer them the options of either:
a). a part refund of the price difference between our ‘AAA’ and ‘AA Dynamic’ products (£20) or;
b). a full refund upon return of the affected product.
A public recall notice will be placed in MCN and on our website.
Links to this will be shared via major social media platforms.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience, thank you in advance for your cooperation and assure you of our best intentions at all times. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (01993 862 300) or email customer services:

Yours faithfully,

Oxford Products Ltd